How do I format my memory card in FAT32 on Windows ?

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Formatting in FAT32 with Windows system


If the memory card used has a capacity of 64 GB or higher, the FAT32 option may not be available in the list of options offered by windows.

To work around this problem, we invite you to download this free tool, available by clicking on the address below:


⚠️ IMPORTANT, read carefully before formatting !

Formatting the SD card will permanently delete all the files on your memory card. Before starting this IRREVERSIBLE operation, remember to make a backup of your files if necessary !

(1) Insert the memory card into your PC 

Once inserted, a window appears on your Windows desktop, otherwise you will be able to see the new disk in the left column of your Windows explorer, under the name Cambox V4.

(2) Check the current formatting

Right-click on the memory card disk, then choose “properties”, a window appears with the system file type. In the example below, the format is ExFAT.

(3) Format the microSD Card in FAT32

If the current format is not in MSDOS FAT32, or if we have advised you to format the card : 

Right-click on the Cambox memory card, then select “format” from the menu list.

A new window appears, in the system file section, choose the FAT32 option, then click on the “Start” button.

Wait until the treatment is over.

(4) Check the format

Once the formatting operation is complete, right-click on the memory card disk, then choose “properties”, a window appears with the system file type, check that the formatting is now in FAT32.