Display or modify the date and time on my videos

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You wish to hide, display the video overlay or simply update the date and time?

Symptom :

On my videos, the date and time are displayed, is it possible to hide them or update them?

Explanation :

You do have the 2 possible options, either to easily update the date and time on your video overlays or simply hide them.

Solution :

Remove the MicroSD memory card from your Cambox®, place it in an SD adapter and then insert the adapter into your computer.

From your computer, select your memory card and then open the file named SETTINGS.TXT

On the DATE_STAMP line, set if whether or not the date is displayed

0 = hidden overlay

1 = displayed inlay

On the TIME_SET line set your own values

Here, in our example:


> update of the date & time of the camera (N = No, Y = Yes)

> the date is January 1, 2016 in the format YYYY.MM.DD (Year, Month, Day) values separated by the .

> the time is midnight HH:MM:SS values separated by :

We will define new values:

> we want to update the date and time of the camera

> the new date will be September 29, 2021

> the new time will be 5PM 52 minutes and 31 seconds


Initialization of the new settings

Save and close your file on the memory card, replace the memory card in your Cambox and then, turn it back on, voilà !

⚠️ Warning !

Be careful to respect the positions of the line and characters that must keep the same positions !