When I play my videos on my Windows computer, I only have the sound and no image

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Did you remove the lens cap ?

In order to protect the lens from dirt and fingerprints, we deliver the camera with a small rubber protection that is placed on the lens.

If you kept it on, the camera will create your videos by filming the images inside this cap. Hence the all-black video. It will however correctly capture the sound through the microphones.

💡 Before using your camera, remember to:

1️⃣ remove the protective cap from the lens

2️⃣ clean the lens glass with the cleaning wipe provided

Verify that you have the H265 codec

The Cambox V4 is a modern camera that incorporates the latest on-board technologies, including a state-of-the-art compression codec. 

The camera shoots in a HEVC video format and uses an H265 video compression codec.

Do you own Apple equipment?

✅ the H265 codec has been supported since 2015 on all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iMac…)

Do you own Windows hardware?

❌ Unfortunately, the H265 codec is not installed by default on Windows computers.

When the playback is launched, a window suggests to buy this codec for less than 1 euro…

The other solution, which is free, is to install the VLC player software that integrates a lot of video codecs and in particular the H265 codec used by the Cambox V4.

You can download it by clicking directly on the link below:

Download the VLC Player for Windows