How to reset !

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In case your camera remains blocked or during an update, you can easily perform this RESET operation to turn it off.


The Cambox integrates electronics and powerful embedded software to deliver high-quality images and sound.

We take the utmost care to deliver quality products and constantly improve our embedded software, however, it may happen that the camera freezes and no longer responds to your requests.

Don’t panic, we’ve planned everything!

A RESET function has been integrated to force the camera to turn off in all circumstances.


Before performing this manipulation, check that you have the specific tool (1). You will find it in the packaging in the USB cable case.

How to reset

Turn your camera over to the Velcro side and gently insert the reset pin into the hole (2) until you come into contact with the button.

Once in contact briefly press the pin (1) to turn off your camera

This action has the role of forcing your camera to turn off.

Then simply restart it by the usual procedure; press the POWER button for 3 seconds long.

Important !

☞ Every Cambox® manufactured between November 1, 2020 and February 15, 2021 have this hole on the back of the wifi button on the Velcro®’s side

 Every Cambox® manufactured since February 16, 2021 has this hole near the USB-C cap on the Velcro®’s side.


⚠️ Any manipulation carried out without the original RESET pin can cause irreversible damage not covered by the contractual warranty.

DO NOT USE sharp objects such as needles, paper clips, toothpicks, picks, etc…