How to obtain the Firmware version number ?

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The Firmware is the name given to the software embedded in the camera.

It is the latter that communicates between your actions and the camera’s on-board electronics.

By updating the firmware, you will have new features and improvements to take full advantage of your Cambox®


No need to install the firmware if it is already installed, check the current firmware version beforehand!

How do I check the current version of my firmware?

Nothing could be simpler, follow the steps below :

(1) Turn on your camera

(2) Stop video recording (if in autostart)

(3) Activate wifi from the button of your cambox (blinking orange LED)

(4) From your smartphone, connect to the CamboxV4XXXXXX wifi network

(5) Check that you are well connected (fixed orange Wifi LED)

(6) Launch the Cambox App

Once connected to the mobile application, click on the button at the bottom right to access the settings, then on the Admin tab, at the top of this page you will find the index of the current firmware version of your Cambox.

Where can I find the latest firmware version?

Click on the following link : Firmware update 

On this page, you will be able to check the latest firmware version and its release date.

Do I need to update the firmware?

👍 YES, if the current version index of your Firmware is lower than the latest available version!

Example below:

Actual Cambox FirmwareAvailable Firmware on our websiteUpdate required ?, do the Update, your camera is already up to date!