Impossible to display my vidéos in the gallery of the App

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From our “Cambox App”, available on iOS & Android, you have access to a video Gallery, where you can watch, download and delete the video files.

To enjoy this functionality, you need to : 

✅ Install the “Cambox App” application (Black & Yellow Logo)

✅ Have the 1.2.3. Firmware version or above on your Cambox

✅ Have a compatible memory card (16 to 256 Gb max)

How does it work ?

When you start the Gallery from the mobile application, the system will check the content of your memory card in order to build the list of files.

By default, the Cambox® stores the files in a folder called 100CAMBX, accessible from the DCIM folder in your memory card. 

The files must mandatorily be stored there as only this folder will be read by the application.

✅ Hereunder the folder name 100CAMBX is correct !

Why aren't there any video displayed in my Gallery ?

If you have ever used your memory card in another camera or action cam, it may happen that the 100 folder name is already in use.

In this case, you will find your videos in another folder such as 101CAMBX. 

Your videos are therefore stored in this directory but cannot be read by the application.

❌ Ci-dessous le nom de dossier est 101CAMBX !