Advice about charging and maintaining my battery

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Preamble :

The battery of your Cambox® is an essential component of your camera. Here you can find our advice to ensure optimal performances and longevity of your battery.

Charging your battery

To charge your Cambox®, you can use the USB port of your computer or a power adapter.


The adapter must meet below requirements :



50/60 Hz

0.32A (320 mA) – 0,50A (500mA)


5V Maxi

1A (1000 mA) Maxi
5W Maxi 

Conditions to charge your battery

When charging your battery, the following conditions must ideally be respected :

✅ Ambient temperature as well as camera temperature between 10°c and 45°c. 

✅ Camera switched off while charging

Maintaining your battery

💡  In order to keep the camera in working order, fully charge the battery every 3 months or so.