My Cambox immediatly switches off or the LED remains solid when I press record.

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Symptoms :

When you turn on your Cambox V3+, the camera immediately switches off.
The camera turns on, but the LED remains solid when I press record.

Explanation :

During the start-up of your Cambox, the firmware of the camera checks the validity of your memory card.
If the SD card is absent or full, the Cambox is unable to save your video files on the memory card.

Solution :

If my camera switches off immediately :
✅ make sure that your Cambox is fully charged (the LED is solid red while charging and switches off once charge).

✅ check that the SD card is inserted in the SD slot of the camera.

If the LED remains solid hen I press record :

✅ the SD card is full, free up some space.

How to free up space on my SD card

In order to delete your video files, remove the SD card from your Cambox and insert it in your computer.

Open the DCIM folder, you will find there the video files which you can delete in order to free up space on the SD card.


Once your files are deleted, the will be definitely lost.