How do I update the date & time of my Cambox V4, V4+ or V4 Pro?

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Your videos are not at the right date or at the right time, here is the procedure to follow to correct this little problem.


To set your Cambox® time, you must respect the following points:

✅ Have a PC computer nearby

✅ The battery of your Cambox® must be recharged

✅ The memory card must be inserted into the Cambox®

✅ The Cambox® must not be connected to the USB cord

With WIFI connexion

1. Turn on the camera

2. If the AutoRecord parameter is enabled, interrupt the recording with a pulse on the power button (obtaining the fixed red LED)

3. Activate the camera’s wifi antenna (orange wifi LED flashing)

4. From your computer search for existing wifi networks

5. Select the network whose name begins with Cambox V4XXXXXX and then enter the following password: 12345678 or yours if you had changed it

6. The cambox’s wifi LED indicator turns fixed orange indicating that the Cambox is paired with your smartphone

7. Click on the link below:

Http:// Action=get

8. You should get a return message in this form: 


If you get the above result CONGRATULATIONS! Your computer communicates correctly with the Cambox®, otherwise, check your connection.

9. Copy the line below and paste it into your web browser:


10. You can see above that the date and time are not correct, so we will modify them by the right values of the day for example March 18, 2022.

For information here is the correspondence of the fields:

Year -> year=YY

Month -> month=MM

Day -> day=XX

Time -> hour=HH

Minutes -> minute=MM

Seconds -> second=SS

Now, you see above the new values entered for the date & time, just validate this request to send this information to the Cambox®.

11. Once this request is made, the Cambox® sends a confirmation with an OK value

12. You can start a new video recording and then stop it with the Cambox button

13. To view the list of videos created from your PC click on the link below:

By clicking on this link, you will see the list of video files with the new creation date & time in the second column