How do I format my memory card in ExFAT on Mac ?

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Formatting in ExFAT on Mac

⚠️ IMPORTANT, read carefully before taking any action !

The formatting process will permanently delete all the files stored on your SD card.
Before starting the following irreversible procedure, make sure to save you files, if needed !

(1) Insert the memory card in your Mac

Once inserted, a new drive appears in the left column of the Finder, under the name Cambox V4.

(2) Format in ExFAT format

In the Launchpad then Other, open the Disk utility tool.

Select the Cambox V4 drive, then click on “Erase”

A new window appears, choose ExFAT in the Format menu then click on “Erase”

(3) Check the format

Once the formatting process finalized, make a right-click on the memory card drive from the Finder, then choose “Get Info”. 
A new window opens with several information, check that the format is indeed in ExFAT.