How do I change the recording time of my video files of the Cambox V4 Pro?

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What is the purpose of this function?

When you start a video recording, the image and the audio data are stored in the buffer of the camera processor. This memory necessarily has a limitation in terms of storage space.

It is therefore necessary to release this memory regularly to free up space by permanently storing it on the MicroSD memory card.

Be careful, remember to read carefully before any modification!

Changing this parameter manually can be achieved but without any guarantee on the stability of the system.

This feature will soon be deployed from our Cambox App mobile applications but intelligently taking into account these parameters: resolution, FPS number and image quality level.

Please note the recommended values based on the resolution & FPS parameters:

HD720 30 FPS -> 5.10.15 minutes

HD720 60 FPS -> 5.10 minutes

FULLHD1080 30 FPS -> 5.10 minutes

FULLHD1080 60 FPS -> 5 minutes

ULTRAHD 4K 30 FPS -> 5 minutes

⚠️ An incompatible value can lead to the creation of a blank file without any image and sound!

How to edit this value?

To change this value manually, you can edit the config.ini file.

To do this, insert the memory card into the drive of your computer and open the disc named Cambox V4. You will directly find the file named config.ini, right-click on it and choose Edit.

Below is an example of a config.ini file and its parameters.

Replace the value file_duration after the = sign with the new one (5,10 or 15), 

not to mention the space between the = sign and the value

Below are some examples to do or not to do:

✅ file_duration = 10

❌ file_duration =10 (lack of space between the = sign and the value)

❌ file_duration = 12 (value not compatible)

How to save this new value?

Follow this procedure to have this new parameter taken into account:

1) Make sure that the file retains its original structure

2) Close the file and save it

3) Turn off your camera if necessary and then insert the memory card into the Cambox

4) Turn on the camera again, at startup the new config.ini file will be loaded with your new settings.