Why does my camera turn off automatically while the battery is charged ?

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Symptoms :

Have you just recharged the battery of your Cambox V3, but when you turn it on, the camera automatically turns off after 5 to 10 seconds?

Origin :

When turning on your Cambox, the firmware, the camera’s embedded software tests the validity of your memory card.
If it fails, the camera cannot store your videos, so it turns off automatically.

Solution :

To solve this problem, be sure to check these points:

✅ the memory card has enough free space

✅ the accepted capacity is from 4 GB mini to 64 GB max

✅ the memory card is compatible and in good working order

How do I free up space on my memory card ?

Most of the time, it is the cause of this issue. Just free up space on your memory card to return to normal operation of your camera.

To delete your video files, remove the memory card from your Cambox and place it on your computer

Open the DCIM folder, you will find your video files, which you can delete to free up space.

If the issue is still present :

We invite you to format your SD card into FAT32 from a computer if the camera still switches off after a few seconds : 


Formatting process on Mac

Formatting process on Windows


Once your files are deleted from the memory card, they will be systematically lost!

✅ Remember to copy them to your computer to keep a copy before deleting them!