How to properly detach your Cambox from the helmet?

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Detach safely your Cambox from its support

The Cambox® has a patented design that allows it to be removed from its hook-and-loop support in a simple and secure way.

In 3 steps, 3 movements!

Grasp the wrist strap at the end of the Cambox wing and then pull it up with a circular movement towards the center of the Cambox.

Once the first wing has been removed from its hook-and-loop support, accompany the stall by exerting a horizontal movement.

Pick up the central part, then exert a horizontal towards the end of your Cambox to tilt and unhook it completely.


⚠️ Removing your camera in another way can exert mechanical constraints and can damage your camera.

⚠️ Also make sure that the Velcro® bracket is in good condition and that it does not contain foreign objects that can interfere with camera attachment.

In this case, provide for its replacement with an original new one.


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