I lost my wifi password !

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Impossible to connect my smartphone to the Cambox wifi

Symptom :

The default password is 12345678

This one doesn’t work or you don’t remember the one you previously set.

Explanation :

From the mobile application, you can change your password.

Maybe you have typed a wrong character or just forgotten it

Solution :

Remove the MicroSD® memory card from your camera and insert it into its adapter and then into your computer’s SD drive.

Your PC has detected a new drive, just open it to find a file named “config.ini”.

Double click on the config.ini file to open it, you will find several lines corresponding to the camera settings.

To find your camera’s current password, search in the “Network” section, the line named “password”, after the = sign, you will find the current password !

Set a new WIFI password

(1) If you want to set a new password, enter the new one (after the = sign and a space) making sure to respect these restrictions:

✅ mini 8 characters

✅ max 32 characters

✅ authorized characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9

(2) Save your config.ini file to your memory card

(3) Turn off your camera

(4) Insert the MicroSD memory card into your camera

(5) Turn on your camera, the new password is active!